Promo Quoter’s unique parts database is the central hub of the entire application. You can easily add up to 1000 new products at a time in just minutes. The system automatically checks part numbers to avoid duplications and will update that part accordingly.

Each individual part can have up to 6 quantity price breaks that automatically change on a quote depending on the quantity you select.

A clear product picture of each part is displayed, and you can even have a product link directly to your website if required.

Included is an extremely powerful search function that allows you to find the right product immediately. You can search by Category, Sub-Category and Price.


Promo Quoter’s Supplier CRM is an easy way to keep all of your suppliers information in one place.

Quickly find your suppliers website, contact information and any notes you might have including website logins and passwords.


Promo Quoter's customer CRM is a simple but easy to use interface that allows you to keep track of all your customers information.

You can add multiple contacts within the same company, assign a lead source and an account manager to each contact and keep a time and date stamp on each note entry.

You can add a picture or company logo to each contact as well as keeping company notes and individual contact notes.


When a customer accepts a quote, simply create a new job to begin the production process. Keep track of each step of the job with our unique colour coded progress bar.

Keep notes throughout the process to ensure nothing is missed. 

With the Xero integration feature, simply create your purchase order with the touch of a button. No duplication required.

The jobs list gives you an overview at a glance to see every stage of every job.


Promo Quoter has been designed with the user in mind. It has a clean, simple to use interface that is packed full of useful features.

You can easily see how much profit you have in a quote and adjust your margin accordingly. 

The quote list feature allows you to see all the quotes still outstanding and the "Quote Status" changes automatically as you move through the quote process to completion.

You can easily track individual sales staff performance to make sure you are not missing opportunities.


Our quote template has been designed to allow colour customisation of header and text colour to allow you to personalise a colour scheme to match your corporate colours.